Monday, July 13, 2009

More treasures.

Here are a few treasures I found this week!!

I found these at Ross on clearance. I thought they would be good have in my supply. These boogers can be expensive when you need them.

I saw a problem when I got home, though...

So I paid $.49 for one pack and $.99 for the other. Why didn't I notice this when I was paying? Probably because I was just trying to make it out the door with my three kids without losing my sanity! : )

This candle holder was $.49 and the white vase was $.25. I bought one of these vases a couple weeks ago. They look great with my hydrangeas in them.

I found this for $.99 at GW. Just bought one at Target on clearance for $4.98, I think. Thought they might look good in pairs.

A plexi frame from Pier One for $.99. I have a plan for this. I will show you later.

A kid's placemat that suctions to the table. This is awesome for restaurants! you know it's clean and it has a place to catch all the crummies! It even rolls up into itself for storing. These sell for about $12 new but I snatched this one for $1. I already have one, but it was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up!

I bought this cabinet for $4.99. I think it will look great in a bathroom. Not sure which one or what color I will paint it, but I thought it was a great deal!

It is solid wood and has chicken wire on the front of the doors.

That's about it! What did you guys find? Go over to Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality and check out her Thrifty Treasures party!


Just Us Justices said...

girl, I just thought I was thrifty! What deals, what is GW? And since when did Pier One sell anything for .99?

Vanessa said...

Jodie, GW is Goodwill. Oh, and the Pier One frame was actually bought at GW!! I don't think I have ever seen anything at P1 for 99 cents either!!

Mandy Mc said...

WOW :-) I'll have to post some of my deals soon...they aren't as good as yours, but it's still fun to share them!