Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Okay, so it's been over a month since I have updated my blog! There is just so much to do! There are so many things I need to do today, but it is pouring outside and I just don't feel like getting the kids out in the rain! So, what has happened in the last month?? Well, we had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Kris' grannys and my grandparents. We had a great time with family. Last weekend, we went to Gatlinburg. It's a tradition to go every year. We had a great time! I was afraid we wouldn't be able to make it this year because Kris and Konnor both had a stomach virus. The rest of us never got it and we were able to go. While we were gone, Spring Hill got 3 inches of snow!!! We were sad that we missed that! This morning we had freezing rain, so maybe we will get another chance at seeing some snow before winter is over! Well, that is about all that is going on with the Dolberrys. Things are great! I hope you all are doing well!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emma turns 4!

Well, my baby girl turned four last Friday. My how time flies! She wanted to have a dress up tea party for her special day. She had a great time! Of course, she had sweet iced tea... her favorite! That night we went to the opening night of HSM3. What an experience! I don't think I have ever been in a room with so many screaming girls at one time except for when I went to the NKOTB concert back in the 90s. We all had a great day celebrating!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Soccer and Pumpkins

This past Saturday, Konnor had his second to last soccer game.  He did so good.  He usually scores around 10 goals a game.  Of course, they don't have goalies for his age group, but he seems to have a knack for soccer.  Everyone keeps asking us how long he's been playing and we tell them, this is his first time!  He is the oldest on the team, but he really gets aggressive and he is all over that field!  

We also went to the pumpkin patch.  I haven't been able to download all the pics from there, but here are a few good ones:  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grandma and Pawpaw's 50th

We celebrated my grandparents 5oth wedding anniversary two weeks ago at their house in Mentone, AL.  It was great to see all of my cousins again.  It was the first time in along time that we were all together again.  Here are a few of my fave pics from the day.

From top to bottom: All 10 grandchildren and 3 of 4 great-grandkids (Konnor and Kris were at an AU game.), My nephew Dylan, My Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Stephen, My cousin Mikey

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some pics from the past few months...

I have been having fun taking pictures of the kids since Kris gave me a new camera for Christmas last year. Here are some of my favorites...

Emma at Talladega when Kris raced a few laps.

Brady 3 weeks old

Konnor when he played for the Washington Nationals in California.

Emma in her playhouse at Grandmom's.

Konnor playing soccer this fall.

Emma at Granny Arnold's house.

Konnor jumping in a puddle at Talladega.

Kris outside his car at Talladega.

Brady again.

It's been a while!

Okay, so I started this blog two months ago, and this is the first time I have updated it! Of course, I do have an excuse! I had a baby, my oldest started kindergarten and I think we have had company every other weekend since then! It has been busy! We have enjoyed every bit of it, though! I was just thinking last week when I was talking to Laura (my college roommate and BFF for those who don't know..I know BFF is so 8th grade!!) that I needed to do something with my blog. Laura is like the queen of blogging and keeping up with everyone, so I was encouraged to do better! Luckily, I think Laura, Susie and Kris are the only ones who even know I started a blog, so I think I'm okay! I haven't publicized it yet! I wanted to wait until it was decent to look at! Like I said, in my first post, I was bored the day I started it! I haven't had a chance to get "bored" since then! Life with three children is fun. Of course, Brady is pretty easy. He eats and sleeps, mostly. The biggest difference is that fear when you arrive at the grocery store and think "Oh, did I get Brady?" He's so quiet, and with the other two kids, I'm scared of leaving him somewhere.

Okay, so here is a funny story, maybe not something I should share, but what the heck! (Is that appropriate for a minister's wife to say?) I got a call from Konnor's teacher last Thursday that he was complaining of an ear infection. I dropped Emma off at a friend's house and went to pick up Konnor- Brady was with me- didn't forget him! Well, we went to the doctor's appointment and sure enough he had an infection. Well, we went back to the van (Yes, I have a van. I know...not high on the cool factor, but I have THREE kids!). I strapped Brady in his seat and Konnor buckled himself. I cranked the van, checked my mirrors, turned around and looked out the back window and then started backing up. Suddenly, I heard, "OH!" I stopped immediately and saw in my rear view window a young lady, looking quite startled. I quickly got out of the van and asked her if she was okay and she said that she was. She said she was sorry and that it was her fault because she was talking on her cellphone and digging in her purse and NOT paying attention. So she left. I called Kris to tell him about Konnor's ear and that I had hit a lady. What a day. Well, I have to go and get some groceries, so that is all for today. I'm going to try and add some pictures this afternoon. We'll see...maybe it won't be two more months before I post again!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I have joined the blog world...

It took me forever to join MySpace and Facebook. I just kept thinking, when do I have time to do that? My husband actually just made a blog yesterday and I thought, "okay, it's time." Plus I was looking at other people's blogs and how cool they are! Plus. I am 9 months pregnant and been having contractions for two days now....I think I just need something to do! I'm still new to this blogging thing, so we'll see how it works!