Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old Bonus Room

Didn't I mention that I was painting my kitchen cabinets? Yeah, well, they are painted, but the distressing is still not done. So no pics, yet. Sorry.

In my last post, I showed part of our recent house rearrange which included moving both of the boys to the previous bonus room. The bonus room was a tough room that I finally got looking the way I wanted it ... and then we decided to put the boys in there. I had some pics I took of the room in it's former life that I thought I would share.

I only have one before pic and it is a horrible quality since I took them with my phone. But, hey that just makes for an even better after, huh? : ) You'll also notice that I did not clean up for the pic... mainly because I took it right before we tore the room apart to paint and add chair rail molding. (By the way, the paint was a $5 gallon of oops paint from Lowe's. Half my house is painted with oops paint. )



(I know, just the mess off the floor makes a difference!) We pretty much kept the same layout we had before but moved the kids area behind the couch to cut out on some that visual mess I was just mentioning.

This is the play area behind the couch. I love love love that rug. I scored it at Target on super clearance for around 30 bucks about a year ago.

Office area:

And, one of my favorite spots. I wanted to do this embroidery hoop art somewhere and this seemed to be a perfect spot. After scoring the hoops at a yard sale for like a hundred of them for $1, I decided to go for it. I think I added one more on the right side by the wall after taking this pic, though. The green lamps came from Walmart for $15 a piece and the shades were from Ross for like $4.99 each. This dresser and the armoire in the previous picture both were in our bedroom at some point.

It was a great bonus room. It is way more functional now as the boys' room, though!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Boys' Room

Remember our home rearrange a few weeks ago? You can read about it here. Some friends have asked for pics of the boys' rooms, so here are a few:

This room used to be our bonus room. K's room was upstairs and is now our little girl's room. B's room was downstairs and is now the office.

(Yes, that is Drew Brees on the ceiling!)
The boys are really loving being in this big room together!

We still have some work to do in my little girl's room, but here's a little peek.

Here's what is currently going on at our house- prep work for hardwood floors in our living room! I've also been painting our kitchen cabinets, so our house is a total wreck!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changing things up a bit

So, in my last post, I said my husband and I had pretty much rearranged our whole house. I only have new pics of our living room right now, but I LOVE it!
So here's the old living room:
I said in this post that I never liked the bookcases because they always looked cluttered, well, here's the new and improved no-bookcase living room:
My husband wanted to put the gigantor leather man sofa here when we moved in over a year ago, but I just never thought it would look good. It is so much better than our old set-up. We have more seating, and more space! Who'd a thunk? Well, my husband did, and I should have listened to him.
You may also notice that we have a flat screen over our fireplace. We previously had one of those flat screen box televisions in the hole above our fireplace. Well, my genius husband figured out how to mount our flat panel (it was in the bonus room which is now our sons' room) over the hole. We absolutely love it!!! We gave the old "flat screen" to our 8 year old son to play video games on. He thinks he hit the jack-pot. So, there's part 1 of 5 of our crazy room switcheroo. Hopefully it won't take me forever to post the rest! : )

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Celebration!

Okay, so I'm a little late sharing about our family Valentine's Day party, but better late than never, right?

I dug out the decorations I used for last year's celebration.

I added the little mailboxes (for some reason, I didn't take a close up pic of them.) that I think everyone in blogland bought at the dollar spot in Target. I had intentions of cutting out the kids' names in vinyl with my silhouette, but I wimped out and just used stickers. Each family member made a valentine card for each other and we delivered them to the mailboxes. This year, we just used left over valentine cards that the kids didn't use for their classmates. Next year, I'm hoping to think ahead enough to have the kids make hand-made cards for each other. It definitely kept them busy while I was getting dinner ready, though. I always take any advantage I get to encourage the kids (mainly Konnor and Emma!) to say/do something nice for each other!

For dinner, we decided to have a Papa Murphy heart-shaped pizza. For $5, you can't beat it!

After eating pizza, we opened our valentines from each other.

Emma got some shoes and tights for her American girl doll. **Side Note--For you moms who have daughters with these dolls, did you know that Michael's and Hobby Lobby both have clothes and accessories for 18 inch dolls? With the 40% off coupons that always seem to be available for these stores, you can get a pretty sweet deal!**

Konnor (great pic of the top of his head, huh?) got a new Percy Jackson book that he'd been wanting.

Brady got a green truck that he picked out that day at Target. He was happy. That boy loves trucks.

For dessert, we had chocolate pudding with pink sugar sprinkles.

My hubby and I ate our chocolate pudding out of the champagne glasses we used at our wedding. I know...awwww. My wonderful husband brought some beautiful pink roses home, which were the same kind he gave me on our first Valentine's Day together when we were sophomores in high school!

He brought one home for this girl, too!

All in all, it was a great day!

In non-Valentine's Day news, last weekend, we totally rearranged our house. You read that right, not a room, not a few rooms, every room in our house except the dining room, kitchen and master. It was pretty much nuts, but we LOVE it! Everything's not totally in it's place, but I will definitely post about it soon!