Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Boy is 1 year old!

I can't believe that it has already been a year since this precious boy has come into our lives!

Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I wondered what life would be like with three kids!

Yes, it is crazy most of the time, but we wouldn't have it any other way! They'll be a celebration this weekend! I'll make sure to post all about the fun!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Price My Space 2

I almost forgot that Nester is having another Price My Space party. I had to work fast, but I got something ready to post. I think it is so interesting to see what other people pay for their decor. It's fun to share bargains that I've found along the way. So, here, you go, here's my little girl's room:

1. The brushed chrome curtain rod and rings came from Home Depot several years ago for about $25. I made the curtain panels out of white silk and pink linen. I used sheets for the lining and the fabric was on sale so they were about $10 a panel.

2. The dresser was bought at a thrift store for $100. It is solid wood and I LOVE the lines! It is definitely in need of a new paint job! I painted it with some leftover paint almost 4 years ago. The lamp was another GW find for $10. Small green frame was $1. The runner is actually two placemats also for $1. The other items were gifts.

3. The bedding: Quilt $40 and bed skirt $5 on clearance at Bombay kids. I made the green sham - for $3 in fabric, hot pink pillow was $5 from GW and the purple bolster pillow was $15 at a fabric store. The white pillow was a gift and the pink polka dotted quilt at the foot of the bed was a gift from Grandma. The head board was $5 at a thrift store. I painted it white when I painted the dresser and added $5 worth of pink vinyl in the inset. It’s hard to see in the picture. The “princess tent” as we call it was $5 at GW.

4. The bench was $30 at Unclaimed baggage. It came with a pink cushion, but I covered it with a green checked Pottery Barn curtain panel for $5 ( also bought at Unclaimed).

5. The side table also came from Unclaimed on another trip for $30 ( I have a lot of $30
furniture pieces...weird.) There’s another of the pink placemats. The lamp I bought recently at GW for $7. The purse frame was $1 at Hobby Lobby. I painted the canvas above the lamp. The cost for it was about $8.
(Sorry, there aren't any numbers on this pic. I was having problems with the pictures!)

6. Bookcase came from a seconds store for $30. It is originally from Target. I bought the pink bins at Target for $10 each, the white one from Kmart for $19 and the purple one from GW for $5. Lamp- GW $5 I found the beaded trim in my stash and added it to the shade. The picture frame was from Hobby Lobby. I think it was around $5. The blue polka dot vase came from Dollar General for $1. I made the framed bulletin board for $6, You can see that project HERE. The pink chair also came from GW (originally from Target) for $10. Hot pink rug was $10 at GW.

7. It’s hard to see this pink shelf ( I didn’t have time to take new pics- only used ones I took for real estate purposes!) but it came from GW also for $5. All the accessories are baby memorabilia or something I already had except for an original painting I bought at a craft show for $15 that is on top and the green polka dot potted hydrangea that was $2 for the pot and $4 for the hydrangea. My floral designer mom hooked me up by putting it all together for me.

The only other items in the room was a round mirror bought at Hobby Lobby for $10, two white pegs for $3 each from Target, an "E" painted pink from GW for $2 and a cute little iron table and chairs that she got from Grandmom for Christmas.

So, the grand total for the room? $476

Wow, I am impressed until I added it all up, I didn't even know how much it cost! I love to watch Decorating Cents and think it is amazing what they can do with $500. I guess I can do it, too. Hop on over to the Nester's party and check out other people's places!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A great find

I had to share what I found this weekend.

I love to go and browse a local antique store. I don't get to do it very often since it isn't very kid-friendly. But, with K and E at school and preschool, it was definitely doable to put Baby B in the stroller and shop a little! Of all the times I have been in this place, I have NEVER bought anything. I usually just go and look and think about what I would do with something IF I bought it. There is one particular booth that I would always find something I liked. I always get excited when I get close to it to see what treasures I might find. Well, this time was no different...I turned the corner to find this beauty.

You may be thinking, "beauty?" No, I don't need glasses. I see the rust and the dirt, but this thing was only $15!!!

I had to have it. I knew that my husband would probably think I was crazy. You guys probably do, too. But, I could see this in a bathroom to hold towels and toiletries. Or, in the laundry room for extra detergent and all those other things that end up in there. It could hold linens or crafts.

Right now it has some of my extra decorative pieces that I am not currently using and some playdoh.

But, I think what I am going to do with it is paint a red and try to find some locker plates and put it in my son's room. It's funny because when he saw it, he asked what it was and I said, "Well, I was thinking of painting it..." I didn't even finish the sentence and he said, "and make it like a locker?!" So, there you go, I guess it will be a locker!

I'm thinking of painting it red kind of like this one...

product image

Of course, this locker is a lot cooler than mine, but the price tag is not! It's $590!
I go definitely go for this blue color, too. It's $680. I guess the blue paint is more expensive??

product image

I am chomping at the bit to start on this thing, but I know that I need to wait as we have our house up for sale and it probably would not be a good idea to have a big diy project going. So, it will have to sit in our garage and wait patiently for me to transform it.

I'm linking to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party. Go check it out!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Revamped clearance table

I bought this side table at Target this weekend for $14.98, which I thought was a steal since it was originally $59.98. I had bought a side table very similar in style to this one at Target about a month ago for $19.98. It had a pretty dark stained top instead of this less desirable grey one. But, I knew I could fix that.

First, I gave it a good sanding on top. Then, I brushed on little bit of this antiquing medium going in the direction of the grain.

After letting it dry, I did the same thing , but this time with watered down, black acrylic paint. This gave it some depth.

Then, I added two coats of this wipe-on poly with an old t-shirt.

And, ta-da...it is a pretty close match to it's partner, don't you think?

I found this table online at Crate and Barrel that is VERY similar to my two tables for $298 EACH! When I saw these, I realized what a great deal I had! My tables have black bases, which I prefer with my other furniture, but to look like these would only be a spray can away!

I'm joining Kimba's DIY party today and Cheri's Knock off party! Check it out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...and poop

I thought I would share with you some quotes from my kids this past week...

K (6 year old boy ) says to E (4 year old girl) while trying to teach her some soccer moves, "Emma, if you just give me a chance, I'll make you good."

K says to me regarding pulling his hair,"My hair is sensitive and it's not in good."

K says to me one morning while holding a play sword, "Do you want to be dead or spisfisticated?"

E says to me after swimming a few feet by herself in the pool, "I have swimming lessons!!"
(like it was an automatic thing!)

My friend's little boy who is 4 like my little girl asked her, "Do you have underwear?" I thought, you can ask her that now, but not in about 10 years. Wasn't my kid who said that, but still thought it was funny!

And, my baby B pulled his diaper off and pooped on the carpet. So, there's his contribution to this post! How can you get mad at that adorable face, though!

What funny things do your kids say?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Gravy!

Have you ever had chocolate gravy?? Chances are if you live in the south- you have! Well, for those of you who, haven't you must try it!

Here's what you need:

2T Self rising flour
2 c milk
1T cocoa
1 t vanilla
3/4 c sugar

Here's my recipe card. You can tell it's been used a lot!

You will want to mix the flour, cocoa, sugar together in a non-stick skillet. Add some water ( a few tablespoons) to this mixture until it is kind of pasty.
Then, put it on medium high heat. Cook it for a minute or so and then start adding milk.

Cook it until you get a good gravy consistency.

Keep stirring so it doesn't stick or burn.

Take it off the heat and add the vanilla.

My kids and hubby LOVE chocolate gravy. It is darn good, but I prefer this "white sop" kind!

To serve, butter up your biscuits...

and then, pour the gravy on top.

Then, enjoy! I'm linking to Jen's Tasty Tuesday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seattle: Part Two

Okay, so it took me a while to get this other post in. Hubby was away with the computer and it's been busy in our house this week!

The Space Needle at sunset:

The second day, they filmed on Lake Union.

I had to take a pick of this house on the lake- this lady has been busy with all these cloth diapers!!

Here's the famous house from the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

I had to include this pic, too. Kris took it on our flight out to Seattle. We were sitting by a lady with a baby and a dog in a bag. When we first sat down, I thought, "What have we done!!" The baby and the dog were really good for the entire flight, though!!

Here's an octopus at Pike Place Market:

Kris and I on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

The best caesar salad I've ever put in my mouth. It was topped with some awesome fresh shrimp. And, that parmesan crisp in the shape of a sand dollar...yummy!! If you ever travel to Seattle, you must stop by the Seastar restaurant and get one of these babies!

And here's a picture of the set at the Kiana Lodge where they filmed the first day with the Parrotts.

If you are wondering, Lifeway will be releasing a Bible study called: The Secret to the Marriage You Want. I think it will release in January, so look for it!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seattle: Part One

Kris and I went to Seattle at the beginning of the week. He was there for a video shoot for work and I tagged along and helped out. I took a lot of pictures, so I thought I would break it up a little and make two posts. These pics are from the Kiana Lodge on Bainbridge Island...just a ferry ride away from Seattle. I hear that the downtown area on Bainbridge Island is awesome. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to check that out, but the surroundings at Kiana Lodge, where we filmed the first day, were breathtaking!!

This one may be my favorite. I love how only the middle flower is in focus.

I'll try to get the rest posted by Monday!

Have a great weekend!!