Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seattle: Part Two

Okay, so it took me a while to get this other post in. Hubby was away with the computer and it's been busy in our house this week!

The Space Needle at sunset:

The second day, they filmed on Lake Union.

I had to take a pick of this house on the lake- this lady has been busy with all these cloth diapers!!

Here's the famous house from the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

I had to include this pic, too. Kris took it on our flight out to Seattle. We were sitting by a lady with a baby and a dog in a bag. When we first sat down, I thought, "What have we done!!" The baby and the dog were really good for the entire flight, though!!

Here's an octopus at Pike Place Market:

Kris and I on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

The best caesar salad I've ever put in my mouth. It was topped with some awesome fresh shrimp. And, that parmesan crisp in the shape of a sand dollar...yummy!! If you ever travel to Seattle, you must stop by the Seastar restaurant and get one of these babies!

And here's a picture of the set at the Kiana Lodge where they filmed the first day with the Parrotts.

If you are wondering, Lifeway will be releasing a Bible study called: The Secret to the Marriage You Want. I think it will release in January, so look for it!!

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