Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Boys' Room

Remember our home rearrange a few weeks ago? You can read about it here. Some friends have asked for pics of the boys' rooms, so here are a few:

This room used to be our bonus room. K's room was upstairs and is now our little girl's room. B's room was downstairs and is now the office.

(Yes, that is Drew Brees on the ceiling!)
The boys are really loving being in this big room together!

We still have some work to do in my little girl's room, but here's a little peek.

Here's what is currently going on at our house- prep work for hardwood floors in our living room! I've also been painting our kitchen cabinets, so our house is a total wreck!

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Laura Forman said...

Glad you put up pictures! It all is looking really good! Can't wait to see the floors and cabinets! :)