Thursday, September 24, 2009

Transformed chairs

I showed you these awesome chairs here that I bought at GW for $6.99 each. I just loved the curvy lines of the back and the clean, no-fuss style of them.

I planned to use them in hubby's office because he was in need of seating. They may make their way to my house later once his office furniture is more permanent. I toyed around with the idea of painting them and putting some crazy cool fabric on the cushions. My house has been a disaster since I am in the midst of packing (only a week and a half left to pack up all my belongings!), so I decided to make it easy and cover the seats with some leftover fabric from another chair project. (Please don't pay any attention to the lovely outlet in the background! - Oh great, now you are looking at it, aren't you! : ) )

The color was perfect for his office since he has a lot of blue accents.

My pics aren't great since his office is small and I don't have a wide angle lens. Man, I need one of those! But I think you can tell that even just doing something as simple as changing the fabric on a chair seat can make a HUGE difference! I think it would be great to have some lumbar pillows on them, but for now, they work!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

$129.99 rug for $32.74!!!

I have been wanting a new rug for my dining room for over a year now. I was at Target a couple weeks ago and was looking through the rugs. I found one that I've been eyeing for a while. It was originally $179, and marked down to $99. Karli at RockyBella has it here. She only paid $10 for her's, though. What a steal! How can you compete with that? : ). Plus, it was green and brown and my dining room is blue and brown. Then, I looked over and found this one...

It's a great graphic pattern and a neutral stone colored brown and cream. I thought it would definitely work. And it was only $64 - originally $129.99. I thought that was a great price for a 5x8 rug. So, I snagged it up. Since we are in the process of packing for our upcoming move, she has been patiently waiting all wrapped up in the dining room floor. Well, I was at Target again, a few days ago and I strolled through the rug aisle. There was the green and brown one that I adored and what was the price? $44!! It wasn't as great a deal as Karli got, but it was still pretty good considering this rug was $179 originally. I so wanted it, but was still trying to reason with myself about whether I NEEDED it or not. Then, I looked over and found my brown and cream rug's twin. I looked at it and the price was $32!!! Instantly, I threw it in the buggy and green one, too.

I knew that I still had the receipt for the one I'd bought previously and it was still wrapped up since we are moving and I didn't plan on putting it out until the move. So I bought them both for $76 only $12 more than the one rug originally. I just took the $64 rug back the next day and got a refund. I was sooooo excited! I'm planning to put the green/ brown rug in our bonus room. Right now, they are just keeping each other company until they find their permanent homes at the new house!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer Days

So, the lazy days of summer are over. K is in 1st grade this year while E started pre-k. Soccer and Football practices began this week. The school year brings on a new schedule of places to be and things to do.

While I was looking through my photo albums on my computer, I found these of K and E. About a month ago, they got the brilliant idea of starting a club.

Here's E peeking out of the clubhouse. Big Brother made the sign. Guess he's like the president of the club since he only wrote his name on the sign.

They brought bins of toys..

and E even decorated a little!

I know this picture is HORRIBLE quality, but for any of you out there who have a bro and sis two years apart, you know that this is a priceless moment!

I sure am missing those lazy summer days of going to the pool, grilling and just playing around. These days I am packing...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Target Clearance and some thrift store chairs!

It's been a crazy few weeks, but I managed to get over to Target. They had some great decorative items on clearance last week. Here are some of my finds...

A topiary for $2.98

A birdie candleholder for $2.48

A vase that can be used alone or with the base. It can also be turned upside down and used as a cloche- $7.48.

I am in the process of helping my husband decorate his new office at work and I was looking for some chairs we could use in there. Well, I hit the jackpot at GoodWill and found two of these vintage modern beauties.

They were a mere $6.99 each!! I'll be posting their transformations soon along with pics from the hubby's office.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A birthday party!

I'm FINALLY getting pics up of B's 1st birthday party. It has been a crazy week. We relisted our house, sold it, started soccer/football practices, finished writing a Bible study and we're getting ready for a family wedding this weekend. I had to share some of the birthday fun, though.

I love this pic of him and Dad. It looks like they are having a pretty serious conversation. I think Dad was giving him tips on cake-smashing!!

I bought all of the decorations and party ware at Hobby Lobby about a month ago on clearance of course, (you aren't surprised, are you?)

They had bears on them, so I went with that theme and made B's smash cake a teddy bear head...with my mom's help!

Here's the cake for everyone else!

Happy Birthday to you....

It always seems to take babies a few minutes to figure out what to do with the cake.

He got into it, though. He mainly just crumbled it to pieces and them started shaking it off his hands.

He was really working the crowd.

I put him in the sink to clean all that chocolate off of him.

Chocolate water.

All clean and snuggling with Daddy.

Like most kids, he liked the gift wrap as much as the presents!

On the move...

Happy 1st Birthday B!