Thursday, September 3, 2009

A birthday party!

I'm FINALLY getting pics up of B's 1st birthday party. It has been a crazy week. We relisted our house, sold it, started soccer/football practices, finished writing a Bible study and we're getting ready for a family wedding this weekend. I had to share some of the birthday fun, though.

I love this pic of him and Dad. It looks like they are having a pretty serious conversation. I think Dad was giving him tips on cake-smashing!!

I bought all of the decorations and party ware at Hobby Lobby about a month ago on clearance of course, (you aren't surprised, are you?)

They had bears on them, so I went with that theme and made B's smash cake a teddy bear head...with my mom's help!

Here's the cake for everyone else!

Happy Birthday to you....

It always seems to take babies a few minutes to figure out what to do with the cake.

He got into it, though. He mainly just crumbled it to pieces and them started shaking it off his hands.

He was really working the crowd.

I put him in the sink to clean all that chocolate off of him.

Chocolate water.

All clean and snuggling with Daddy.

Like most kids, he liked the gift wrap as much as the presents!

On the move...

Happy 1st Birthday B!

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Just Us Justices said...

Those are great pictures, just a couple of months and I'll be having one for Cass, wow!