Thursday, September 24, 2009

Transformed chairs

I showed you these awesome chairs here that I bought at GW for $6.99 each. I just loved the curvy lines of the back and the clean, no-fuss style of them.

I planned to use them in hubby's office because he was in need of seating. They may make their way to my house later once his office furniture is more permanent. I toyed around with the idea of painting them and putting some crazy cool fabric on the cushions. My house has been a disaster since I am in the midst of packing (only a week and a half left to pack up all my belongings!), so I decided to make it easy and cover the seats with some leftover fabric from another chair project. (Please don't pay any attention to the lovely outlet in the background! - Oh great, now you are looking at it, aren't you! : ) )

The color was perfect for his office since he has a lot of blue accents.

My pics aren't great since his office is small and I don't have a wide angle lens. Man, I need one of those! But I think you can tell that even just doing something as simple as changing the fabric on a chair seat can make a HUGE difference! I think it would be great to have some lumbar pillows on them, but for now, they work!

I'm linking up to Transformation Thursday and DIY Day! Go checkout other people's projects!


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

very sophisticated! The new look is much better.

Cristin said...

very nice transformation! said...

I love chairs! nice job!

Stephanie said...

hey I awarded you with a kreative blogger award, check out my blog