Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...and poop

I thought I would share with you some quotes from my kids this past week...

K (6 year old boy ) says to E (4 year old girl) while trying to teach her some soccer moves, "Emma, if you just give me a chance, I'll make you good."

K says to me regarding pulling his hair,"My hair is sensitive and it's not in good."

K says to me one morning while holding a play sword, "Do you want to be dead or spisfisticated?"

E says to me after swimming a few feet by herself in the pool, "I have swimming lessons!!"
(like it was an automatic thing!)

My friend's little boy who is 4 like my little girl asked her, "Do you have underwear?" I thought, you can ask her that now, but not in about 10 years. Wasn't my kid who said that, but still thought it was funny!

And, my baby B pulled his diaper off and pooped on the carpet. So, there's his contribution to this post! How can you get mad at that adorable face, though!

What funny things do your kids say?

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