Friday, July 10, 2009

Boys, boys, boys

So, Baby B loves to destroy anything! I have always kept my plasticware down low so the kids could play in it. Well it has become a problem because this happens everyday- several times a day!

Then, he started getting inside the cabinet...

And climbing into other pieces of furniture...

So, I put locks on all the cabinets except one and put only one basket of plastic dishes in it for him to play with.

He still gets inside the cabinet.

What a face!

While B was playing in his cabinet, K got a little creative.

He decided to make his own Optimus Prime costume.

He has a costume that he got for his birthday last year (That's where the mask came from), but no, he wanted to make one that transformed. That's so much cooler, right?

Here he is transformed:

Life with boys is never dull!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Janie's World said...

Your son is very talented! His Optimus Prime costume is AMAZING!