Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Grocery Deals!

You all know that I love going to the grocery store each week and wait patiently for the clerk to scan ALL my coupons. I eagerly watch as the total gets lower and lower...what a thrill! Well, I’ve gotten my husband in on the action. I talked him into stopping by Harris Teeter on his way home from work so I wouldn’t have to drag, and I do mean “drag” the three kids. Plus it is about 35 minutes away from our house, but on his way home! So, I gave him a very detailed list and even had a few things that I needed him to check the price on and call me to give him the go ahead on buying them.

So, here’s what he bought:

Purex Detergent 5.99 on sale for $2.99 - .35 coupon doubled to .70 = 2.29
Sparkle 8 roll pk Paper Towels $7.89 on sale for $4.99- 1.00 coupon = 3.99
2 boxes Kellogg Poptarts on sale 2 for $3.25
4 12 packs of Diet Coke $5.79 each on sale for $1.97 each
4 lbs ground beef $1.97 lb on sale for $1.27 lb
2 packs of shredded cheese $2.79 each on sale for .97 each

So his total before sales and coupons was $61.42 but it only cost $26.51. That’s only using TWO coupons! They had some great sales going on!!

He was a little overwhelmed with the shopping, but it looks like he might have enjoyed it a little bit!

Here are my Kroger deals:

2 Armour Lunch Makers
2 Men’s Speed stick deoderants
2 Lady’s Speed stick deoderants
1 Total Advance toothpaste
1 bottle of Tylenol
2 Sunny D Smoothies
1 Propel Grape Water
1 Gatorade
2 cans Kroger Green beans
1 lb Pork Chops
1 Spiral Cut ham
1 pack of batteries
1 pot of clearance flowers

Spent $29.42, Saved $26.54!!!

I bought these school supplies at Publix- Spent $12.38 saved $20.26 with NO COUPONS!!

I did get some other deals at Publix, but the list was really long, and I just don't feel like typing it up! I think I spent around $50 and saved about $30. Not too shabby.

Hubby and I were gone to Seattle until last night. I will be posting pics from there soon!!

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