Monday, July 13, 2009

Coupons at Publix

Here are the details from a recent Publix shopping trip!!

I needed to get a few groceries to finish out some meals for this week and I only had $14 left in our grocery here's what I bought. The first price is the price I paid for it after store specials and coupons. The price in parentheses is the regular price.

2 bottles of Spray N Wash .99 for both (2.99 EACH so that's $5.98 together!!)
1 box Cookie Crisp cereal 1.49 (3.99)
1 box Reese's Puffs cereal 1.50 (3.99)
1 loaf of Wonder Bread 1.50 (2.49)
1 box of Hormel Pepperoni 1.29 (1.99)
1/4 lb Land o Lakes white American cheese 1.67 (not on sale)
1 box of Fruit Roll- ups .90 (2.79)
1 box of Batman Fruit Snacks .89 (2.79)
1 package of Hillshire Farms smoked ham 2.00 (not on sale)
1 bottle of Publix Italian dressing .01 ( 1.79 -love the 1 cent item every week!!)
1/2 dozen eggs .55 (not on sale)

So my total before store specials and coupons was...$31.78 but I only paid

$14.08!!! Okay, so I was 8 cents over. I can deal with that!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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Mandy Mc said...

Amazing! I'm trying to get our grocery budget down, but I'm not quite that good yet :-)