Monday, June 15, 2009

More thrifty finds...

It's Monday, so Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is having her Thrifty Treasures party!

I hardly ever get to go to yard sales. I love finding a treasure, but let's face it, I like to sleep! I don't like to get up at the crack of dawn when I can sleep later since Hubby is home! I was invited to a church craft and garage sale, so I decided to 10 am. My friend and I walked through the craft booths and were about to leave when a lady asked if we had been around back to the garage sale. Why no, we hadn't!

Here's what I found...

a roll of toile wrapping paper for $.25

an aqua vase for $.50

not sure what this is, but it is made out of wooden rulers. I thought it could hold something and just was one of those things that intrigued me and it was only $.25, so I bought it!

my favorite find...a beautiful globe for $5. Love this!!

I'm also including a pic of my thrifty find from the beach...a piece of wood that I picked up out of a trash pile that was actually on the beach.

I can't decide what I want to paint on it. I was thinking of painting "Dolberry Est. 2000." I 've seen some signs done like that that are cute. Or maybe a verse...I guess I need to decide where I'll hang it first and maybe that will give me some inspiration. Any ideas??

Since I'm visiting Rhoda's party, I just had to include this pic of a lamp redo that I showed you in this post. I learned that spray painting a fabric lampshade isn't a great idea because you the paint bleeds. At Rhoda's burlap party, I saw her burlap covered lampshades and that gave me an idea!! I cut the silk off the spraypainted shade I had and covered it with chocolate burlap I bought from Hobby Lobby. Okay, wait a minute....did I just say that I cut off silk...and replaced it with burlap? Yeah, I did. I think it looks just great!

I LOVE how you can see the texture of the burlap when the light is on. I think it may need a little trim around the top and bottom, so I'll keep an eye out for that, but for works! Thanks for the great idea, Rhoda!

Visit Rhoda's site for more thrifty finds!


Sue said...

love the little lamp that you replaced w/burlap for the shade! off to see everything else you've found.

~~Carol~~ said...

Love that wrapping paper--it's almost too pretty to use! That lamp turned out great. I'm glad to hear you say that painting a shade is not a good idea. I always see them doing that on the decorating shows, but I've been skeptical. Now I know!

Joan said...

If you paint KILZ on the fabric first, it helps alot with the bleeding. great finds. Love that you brought something home from the beach. Happy Thrifty Monday.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Cute aqua vase you found and I love your burlap shade. So glad you tried too! Thanks for joining the party.