Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stairs and Zzzzzs

Monday morning, this is what baby boy did when he woke up...

Yep, he can go all the way to the top, too. He giggles the whole way.

I have to find a gate! It's hard to find one that will work at the end of our stairs because one side is a wall and the other side only has a railing. Someone told me to try a pet gate.

Last night, I had a horrible headache. After running after B a billion times and trying to come up with makeshift gates to keep him in the living room....I finally put him in his jumper.

He kept saying "uh uh uh uh..." My sweet husband, who was cleaning the kitchen for me (I know, all you wives, be jealous!!) said, "Why is he making that noise?" I said, "because he probably wants out!"

Just a few minutes later, I looked over and saw this:

That precious boy lulled himself to sleep! I had to take some pictures of him. He stirred a little and then laid back like this:

It's so funny to me how when babies get really tired, they don't care where they are, they can sleep. Actually, that reminds me of his daddy a little bit. : )


Stephanie said...

there a little pricey, but try retract a gate. We have one at the top of our stairs and we love it. We got the kit that attaches to the railing so you don't have to drill in. You can come by and check it out if you want.


Laura Forman said...

he is such a cutie!! i can't believe how much he is changing everyday! :)