Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time to breath

Last Friday, our vacation began. We dropped off the older two kids in AL at their grandparents' house and made our way south. We stopped in Auburn (War Eagle) for the weekend, where the Kris preached at church where he'd been youth minister at almost 10 years ago. What a sweet time it was so see old faces.

On Sunday afternoon, Kris, the baby and I left to meet the older kids and grandparents at the beach. We were able to stop off in Montgomery and see some old friends with an awesome story!! Last time we saw them ( about 8 years ago), they were divorced with two kids. They found us on Facebook a few months ago and they are remarried with 3 kids and one on the way. God has totally redeemed their marriage and their family! Every time I think about them, I am filled with awe at the power of our God and humility that so many times, I don't have faith that He CAN and WILL do things like this.

So...we made it to the beach just in time to eat at Doc's. Unpacked and of course headed to the pool before bed.
Our condo- Phoenix on the Bay

We spent the next two days at the pool.

The kids (especially the younger ones) really got worn out.

B fell asleep at the pool several days.

E fell asleep sitting straight up one night waiting to leave for dinner.

I think it was the third day we were there, K wanted us to take him on a Dolphin cruise. It was so much fun! Not sure what happened with these next few pics. For some reason, they are incredibly light. I'm sure any professional photographers out there wouldn't like them, but I think they have kind of a neat effect.

I found an old plank on this beach where the boat was docked that I brought home with me. It is grey and weathered. One end of it is straight from a saw cut, but the other end is jagged. I just love it. am going to paint something on it. Not sure what yet. But it was a treasure that will remind us of our trip.

The America II.

In the cabin awaiting departure of the "cruise."

The only pic of me taken on vacation. Can't believe I am even including it because it is so awful!

They even let K drive the boat!

We did see dolphins! About 25 of them, actually! It was incredible!

K and his granddad caught about 30 hermit crabs and 2 other crabs (blue crab, maybe??) like this one.

I desperately wanted to get some pics of B on the beach. Since he just turned 9 months, I thought it would be great to get some of him. Well, the only day we actually went to the beach, it rained. It was raining the whole time we were there, which was only about 15 minutes. I managed to get a few. Not exactly the expressions or clothing I was looking for, but cute still!

K had fun running free.

I know I included this pic of E in my last post, but I just have to again because I LOVE it!

Here's a few more random pics...

B smiling behind his paci.

K excited about eating, I mean catching rolls, at Lamberts.

And, I just love this pic of B trying to get to his big brother.

So, we had a great time...relaxing, eating and just taking time out of crazy life to just breath!


the undomesticated wife said...

An old plank...kind of like driftwood. How cool!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Vanessa, you have a beautiful family. You & your hubby are so cute together too. Thanks for stopping by to see me again.

there's just nothing like a week at the beach! We hope to get down to the Destin area before the summer is over.