Monday, June 22, 2009

Making a tutu!

Last week we went to get some family pics made for Father's Day. While we were waiting, we saw a little girl wearing the cutest tutu! My little girl just fell in love with it! I found myself doing what I always hated my mother doing...thinking "I can make that!" Well, I'd forgotten about that by the weekend since we just put our house up for sale. I've been running ragged all week from trying to get the house "in order." On Friday, for a little break, I decided to go over to GW and see what they had. Well, guess what I found? This:

Okay, so just the tule. I already had the ribbon, scissors and ruler. There were several yards here for only $2.99. When I saw it, I just scooped it up! What luck!

After picking my mom's brain on the best way to make one, I googled it and found this video.

E was so excited!!!

I began cutting the strips and she was making a very neat pile of them.

Her big brother even helped, too!

She ended up going to bed before I was done with it. But, the next morning it was waiting on her!

Since this was a thrifty find, I'm linking up to Rhoda's party! Go over and check other people's thrifty finds this weekend!


Stephanie said...

selling your house. where are you going?

That was a good find, so lucky and it looks really cute.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Vanessa, that is just adorable! What a great little tutu for your daughter. She looks so excited to wear it.

Kristin Aune said...

Love it, going to have to make myself some and one for Kyndal too, LOL! Maybe save some money too by not buying and more petticoats for Kristin Aune Photography! Thanks!

The Tattered Cottage said...

Your daughter is so cute and she looks adorable in her new tu-tu :)

K Lynne Designs said...

Your kids are adorable! I made a tutu a few months ago for the daycare girls my mom sits for and they always seem to be a big hit.

I wish I wasn't too old to make one for myself, haha! Great job on it - it looks great :).

The Brown Family said...

Where are you moving to? My little girl is going to be SO sad if it is far away.