Thursday, May 28, 2009

A new old lamp

The Nester is having a party!

I bought this lamp about 3 years ago (sorry, I don't know why I didn't take a pic of it with the shade!) when my bedroom was accented with burgundy.

Since moving a few times, this lamp made it's way to the bonus room where all my unwanted burgundy decor has landed for the time being. I am almost done putting my mark on the rest of the house. All that is left is the bonus room, so I have been sifting through my decorating stash and trying to decide what things I can keep and repurpose. I hate to get rid of a good lamp just because it is the WRONG color! It just needed a little bit of paint!
I took some light aqua paint I had leftover from my living room redo and painted over all the burgundy. The, I mixed some black and brown acrylic paints to get a nice dark brown and painted the swirlies. I also mixed in some glaze with the dark brown and used it to antique it. I spray painted the lampshade brown. I already had all the paint, so I got a new lamp for free!!

(I don't recommend spray painting lamp shades. I don't have a pic, but once I turned the lamp on, you could see spots where the paint was thicker in some areas. Oh well, I guess I'll just keep it turned off until I find another shade!!)

I'm joining The Nester for her Lampapalooza party. Go check out her new old chandy and every one else's lamp projects!


The Nester said...

What a simple but very transformational {is that a word, George W?} idea!


Dede Warren said...

Don't toss that shade just yet, I too painted a lampshade and had the results you experienced. We;; I took some old toile and ribbon and made a little sash around the center of the shade. Then I tied an old millinery flower onto the knot, I have to say it looks pretty good and now I don't notice the imperfection of the paint. Hope it helps...

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What a fantastic idea to rehab a beautiful lamp that just doesn't fit your style anymore! LOVE it.


Laura Forman said...

Hey Friend!! That's the lamp we bought on our shopping spree I think...I love the new look!! :)