Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love coupons and my husband!

I started using coupons again this week and I love it!! I had to share my deals! Here's what I bought:
2 8 pks Poptarts
Little puffs
Banana Boat Sunscreen
Capri Sun Sunrise 10 pk
Toaster streudels
15 pk kitchen trash bags
South Beach Diet cereal bars
5- 2pks of Gerber baby food
Tonys pepperoni pizza
Kroger light drink mix
Colgate Max White toothpaste
2 Betty Crocker Hershey brownie mixes
2 Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce
8oz shredded mozzarella cheese
5 boxes Kraft Mac and Cheese
Pillsbury Cake mix
Children's Allergy medicine
mini marshmallows

I paid $39.78
I saved $31.74
( Manufacturer's coupons= $10.59
Bonus coupon savings= $1.00
Kroger Plus savings= $20.15)

I have done better, but I was pretty excited about my savings! I'm hoping to get to where I save more than I pay!!

Not only do I love saving some money, but I looooooveee my wonderful husband!!
Happy Anniversary, Baby!

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