Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One organized closet

Yeah, it's bad. R E A L L Y BAD! This closet has looked this way since we moved in 5 months ago. I knew it needed to be organized and yesterday during the kids' rest time, I finally tackled it!

I can't believe that I am actually showing you this. I mean, when we have people over, there are those closed doors that I am terrified kids will open and things will coming spilling out! Please tell me I am not the only one who has this problem! I mean, most people keep the sheets on top of the cold medicine, next to the candles, right?

As you can see, I did attempt at some organization with the labeling of this plastic box!

So, only using things I had (except for the stainless turntable you see in the above picture that I bought at GW for a mere 4 bucks), I turned this....

into THIS!

Starting on the top shelf, I have a box of floral supplies to change out a flower arrangement in a snap. I also have the blankets for the pull out couch in the living room. The kids LOVE to sleep there on the weekends, so it is very nice to keep them handy.

On the next shelf, to the far left, I have a bin with scented candles and those air freshener plug-ins. Next, I have most of our medicines on the above-mentioned turntable. They are separated into pain meds on the bottom and cold/sinus on the top. I've found it makes it a lot easier to find this stuff, when it's organized. Lastly, I have the sheets for the sofa sleeper. I have seen Martha Stewart's tutorial on folding sheets and I'll admit it, I am still horrible at it. I thought this wire basket made good work of keeping it tidy even if they aren't folded Martha style.

Next, we have a bin of extra toiletry items. I coupon, so I buy lots when they are cheap/free. In the drawers, I have batteries, first aid items, and misc medicines that didn't fit well on the turn table. Then, I have another separate drawer where I keep toiletry samples for traveling. These really come in handy!

And, on the last shelf, I have a basket of TP, the canister vac, and a basket with vacuum attachments and light bulbs.

Every time I walk by this closet, I just want to open it and breath a big sigh of relief!

What do you need to organize?

I'm posting to Kimba's DIY day! Check it out!


Molly said...

Nice....I'm jealous. We too just moved into a new house and you should see my bathroom cabinets...YIKES! I love the idea about keeping all the travel stuff in a drawer (that would work for all the stuff you take FROM the hotels too!!)

Megan said...

Good for you.... looks great.


Carolyn said...

wow. Super job. Makes me want to tackle mine.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

WOW! Yes, I've certainly had areas of my house that looked like that, and BOY did I feel a sense of well-being and satisfaction when I cleaned them up. HOORAY for you for getting it done!

Stephanie said...

so funny you mention this...I made a list today of all the things I need to organize including our closet, Dylan's closet, the coffee station in our room, the pots and pan cabinets, my night stand....and you did a great job. wanna come do all mine now

Just Us Justices said...

That looks great, you're a girl after my own heart. I really like that blue and creme quilt you have on top!