Friday, January 21, 2011

Wrapping up Christmas

Well, the decorations are down and the house is pretty much back in order.

Here are some pics of our Christmas this year.

After our church Christmas eve service, we usually go to our friends' house to celebrate with friends. The kids have a birthday party for Jesus. When we get home, the kids exchange presents and open a new pair of pjs.

On Christmas morning...

Our 8 year old got a cell phone...yes we are those parents. Go ahead and think we are crazy.

We didn't go out of town this year until the day after Christmas, so we went out to dinner on Christmas day. We had Japanese food and it was awesome!

It was snowing when we left!

For Christmas presents this year, I made fabric coasters using this tutorial:

I paired each of them with a vintage mug filled with my favorite peppermint taffy candy.

I also made these crayon folders using this tutorial.

I did add a ribbon closure after taking the pic. Using the directions from the tutorial, 8 fat crayons fit perfectly in the slots. If you sew 16 slots instead, the regular crayons fit nicely.

I'm definitely making these again. I'd love to make them for B's whole preschool class for Christmas next year. We will see!

I also made some felt flower pins.

They were super easy! My friend, Nancy, showed me how to make them, but I'm pretty sure she saw a tutorial on The Pleated Poppy.

Well, that about wraps up the Dolberry Christmas 2011. It was awesome! Now on to the organizing....

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