Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow.

I like snow, I really do, but now that this is the 4th time we have snow forecasted in the past month and a half, well, I must say that I'm not that excited.

Nevertheless, we will enjoy being at home together (assuming they will cancel in the morning) and pray all the siblings will get along.

Here are some pics from 2 snows ago.

We got about 4 inches at our house, which considered a blizzard for us in the south. : )

Brady always seems to put his hat on any way but the right way. I just leave it because I think it's cute.

We started building a snowman.

We wanted to make a really big, giant snow man.

He ended up being a little munchkin snowman.

I had seen a snowman kit right before Christmas and almost bought it. It was so cute with everything you need to accessorize your snowman. We just used what we had. Since it was the day of the SEC championship game, we put an Auburn toboggan on our snowman to show our team spirit. War Eagle!!

Then, a little ditch sledding took place.

B spent a little more time with the snowman.

The next day, we did some real sledding on a big hill we found while driving around.

B went down the hill a few times with me or Kris. But he mainly just watched. Notice the hat again.

Konnor turned a few flips.

Emma started out just going down from halfway up the hill. She finally would go from up top.

We had a great time sledding and it looks like we might be able to do it again tomorrow. One thing I haven't done in the three snows we have already had this winter, is make snow cream. I put a bowl out to catch some fresh snow tonight. Guess I'll be googling some recipes to make some for the kiddos tomorrow. Stay warm!

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