Monday, January 31, 2011

This boy

Most of the time, when we are out somewhere, Brady is not very outgoing. Many of our friends comment on how he scowls at them. Kind of like in these family portraits we had made.

It's not that he's mad or unhappy. He's just really shy and unsure of people.
These are pics are proof that he is a happy child and he DOES smile A LOT!

Sometimes we play a little game where I say, "don't you smile at me!"

Then he looks like this. He purses his lips and won't look at me, trying not to smile.

But, he can't handle it, he gives in and smiles, every time!

I think he thinks that if he closes his eyes, I can't see him smiling.

This boy...he just melts my heart.

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Chelle said...

That is just so precious.