Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Decor 2010

I wanted to be a part of the big Christmas tour of homes at Nesting Place, but I think I'm a little late. I thought I'd share anyway.

I feel like my decorations are even done really. I didn't include a pic of my stairs because I only have naked garland wrapped around the railing and a bow tied with the ribbon spool still hanging off of it. I couldn't commit to the ribbon, so it's been that way for a couple weeks now.

Anyway, on to the pictures....

I showed you my mantle and new stockings,here.

Here's the living room tree. Every year, I say I'm gonna get a big tree during the after Christmas sales. Our ceilings are so high that this 6 ft tree looks like a dwarf. We'll see if I get one this year.

I added some green ornaments this year. Most of them I bought at the Dollar Tree and Walmart had some great glittery ones for $1.

One of our nativity scenes.

I love to see how the figures are rearranged daily. Notice the optimus prime next to Joseph. He was there at the birth of Jesus, right?

Here's our upstairs tree with all our family ornaments. I used to put up a larger tree, but half the lights were burnt out so I picked this small table top tree at Goodwill for $5. It was prelit with colored lights (oh yeah) and was still in the box. The only bad part is that all our ornaments didn't fit. We just picked out our faves and it was all good.

I really wanted one of these Little People nativity sets last year, but they were sold out. So, when Target had them for half price at $13 a few weeks ago, I snagged one up! I love to watch my 2 year old play with it!

He always puts the sheep on top of the barn where the angel is supposed to go. He also likes to put most of the characters in a big cluster. Apparently, we've lost Mary. That's never good.

Well, those are the highlights. If you want to see some really awesomely decorated houses, go here!

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Karen At Home said...

Beautiful Christmas tree!

BTW, you are not the only one who missed The Nester's link up. I am so behind this year, I linked up last year's decor. LOL!!!

Merry Christmas!