Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas crafts

Well, we are really getting ready for Christmas this year at our house. I really wanted to do an advent calendar with the kids this year. I haven't found a ready made one that I really like. I wanted to make one and found some awesome ideas for them all over blog land, but there was one problem....it was November 30th when I finally decided to do it. So, I didn't have much time to be creative.

I was browsing the aisles at JoAnn and found an advent calendar kit for like 5 bucks.

It took about 26 hours to put it together. Not really...it was more like 2 hours, but still. I think I might could have made one of the other super cute ones in the same amount of time. I still think it turned out cute and it was totally fool-proof because I didn't have to think a bit- just glue all the pieces together. The only thing I changed from the original design is I put burlap over the white polka dotted chipboard back pieces.

I decided to put verses in each pocket rather than candy or anything like that. My kids have really enjoyed reading them every night. I hope this will be a great new Christmas tradition. Maybe next year, I'll make a cute one! For more advent ideas (for next year of course!) go here.

I also made new stockings this year out of burlap and some trims that I had around the house! It was fun, except for cleaning up all the burlap fuzz!

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Chelle said...

Like, like, like. Great job.

AmericKim said...

ohhhh, how fun! The kiddos must luv this! It turned out fantastic!

Our Fine House said...

So cool! You did such a great job!

Jodie said...

girl, I don't think it could get much cuter, you can send me that one if you make another one, lol!