Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Organized Kitchen!

Well, I said I was going to decrapify. I started in the kitchen.

Here are the befores:

Here's everything I got rid of:

And here are the afters:

I have all of our everyday dishes right over the dishwasher.

I even have room- instead of it being crammed full, like usual!

I organized some of my spices and moved all the baking supplies from the pantry to the cabinets next to the stove.

This cabinet holds my cookbooks which used to be in that cabinet over the refrigerator that you can never get to. I also have my serving bowls in this cabinet. The bottom shelf might be my favorite- it has everything I need to make the kids' lunches quickly!

I also cleaned out my pantry. I found some jello that had a 2008 expiration date! Oops!

It looked like this before:

But now, it looks like this:

It is so awesome to have everything in its place!


Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Looks great. I had my own post about decrapification of the kitchen cabinets a few months ago. Keep up the good work! One step at a time:)

Heather said...

It always feels good to get rid of items you don't use or need. Going through clothes at the moment.