Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cleaning out

Since my trip to Africa, I have really felt a need to get rid of A LOT of stuff. I realize how much we have that we don't even need.
So, I've been on a mission to decrapify, (Some blogger came up with that term- I'd give credit if I could remember who it was.) organize, and just complete all those unfinished tasks in the house. I want our home to feel like home which, for me means looking appealing, but also, I want everything to have a place. I'll be sharing some of those projects along the way to help keep me on track and to hopefully inspire you to simplify and organize some!

I have taken several loads to Goodwill and put some items on Craig's List and Ebay. Here are some of my Ebay listings in case you are interested!
Longaberger Pottery Pitcher

Green Leaf Bowl

Blue Vintage Canister

Longaberger Round Basket

Set of 2 Longaberger Round Hanging Baskets

Longaberger Basket Vase

Smocking Lot

That's all! Now I must go and organize my kitchen!


Jodie said...

You go, I've been on the same mission. Just finished changing out the girls closets, they have more clothes than anyone needs. I always think about Little House. Laura had 2 dresses and 1 pair of shoes and they were happy!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Although Ive never been to Africa(YET!LOL) I ma on the same mission. Ive really been convicted of the STUFF, the yard sales every.single.weekend. which led to more stuff, you get the picture. Im not saying everyone has to do this. This is something I personally have been feeling. Its been very releasing as well-less stuff to dust, move around, clean out, I feel more peaceful when a room is clean and simple, and someday when God calls us to the mission field ourselves, I'll have less to get rid of.:)

Mandi said...

You go girl!! Good luck selling your stuff! I am so proud of you!

love your guts
mandi@ vintage revivals