Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Jackpot!

Yes, I hit the Jackpot at Goodwill when I was visiting family in AL.

Here's what I got....All of this is new from Target by the way!

Black frame, two sets of curtain rings

3D flowers

Mirrored lamp ( I already have one of these, so now it has a twin!), potted point settia, towel hook

Green stamp pad, pony tail holder, barrette and alphabet stamps...

Moss rocks and stick bundles vase fillers.

I got all of this for under $15. I also bought a very nice silver alarm clock that is $19.99 right now at Target, but I only paid $2.50!! Love that!

I'm a day late, but I'm linking to Dalomba Days Goodwill party. Check out her blog!


Pat & Ron Harris said...

I love the lamp and the flowers! You did good! Isn't thrifting fun?

Brittany said...

i'm jealous! i love target and at goodwill prices! you got super lucky. thanks for linking up!!!!

Laura Forman said...

i am jealous!!! i wish i could have been with you on our usual gw runs at home :) glad you got some good bargains!!! miss you!

Just Us Justices said...

woohoo! I need those letter stamps! good shopping.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Vanessa, saw your comment! Quick post back to you have wood trim around your doorway? I added those round eye hooks in mine & we used zip ties to put up our garland. OUr house is brick too! HOpe that helps!

Kati- said...

they have the same flowers from Target at my local Goodwill! I was going to buy them for $9.99, but the box said "hardware included" and I didn't see any in there, and didn't want to fudge with it.
Congratulations on your purchases!!