Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas at our House Part 1

Well...decorating a house that you feel barely moved into is hard! I love to decorate for Christmas, but there seems to be so MANY other things that need to be done! I did manage to get some decorations up and am excited about joining the many Christmas parties out there in blog land! Today I'm joining Rhoda at Southern Hospitality whose Christmas decor puts mine to shame!

My computer is acting up, so I only have a few pics to share. Apparently, my camera is also acting up as many of these are blurry!

Here's our living room mantel and our decorative tree. (We have a tree in the family room that has all the kids ornaments.)

At least once a day, I pic up red Christmas balls off the floor where my 1 year old has deconstructed the tree! Or, I find them gathered up in the ribbon like this:

I have always wanted some blocks that spell out Merry Christmas. I thought about making some, but then I found these at Target for $9!

I bought these sequined trees last year for a few bucks each after Christmas.

My blurry garland going up the stairs.

I'm headed to Gatlinburg for our annual getaway. I'll be posting the rest of our Christmas decor next week. Hopefully the pics will be a little better! : )

Don't forget to go and check out Rhoda's site!

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Rue said...

Very cute! I love your wreath and that big D :)


PS For some reason when I clicked on your blog from Rhodas it didn't work until I clicked on it in the "This blog doesn't exist". Just thought I'd let you know.