Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Boy #2

To celebrate Konnor's birthday, we had a football party.
We decorated with all things sporty: trophies, footballs and of course mini Toomer's oaks covered in TP.
Instead of a cake, we thought cupcakes would be easier for hungry little boys. The football toppers were made from scrapbook paper, a little cardstock and some toothpicks. I used a piping tip made for creating hair to make the green icing look like grass.
We made football shaped chocolate sugar cookies for favors.
For the past three years, Konnor has wanted to play a football game at his party, but the weather didn't cooperate. This year, we planned to have his party inside a gym so the weather wouldn't be an issue.
We were actually able to fit 9 candles in a cupcake!
He had a great party and I think he will always remember his 9th birthday as being a great one.
I don't even want to think about having a kid in the double digits next year. Wow.

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