Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is here!

So technically summer starts tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday), but our summer activities have been in full force for a few weeks now!
We wrapped up school with my little girl graduating from kindergarten.

Right after school was out, we went on a summer vacation with some friends to the beach!

We had a blast!
The week we got back from the beach, we had VBS- which was also awesome!
Now that we have been home, we've tried to organize ourselves a little.
I've seen the idea of a summer list around blogland a lot. It's such a great way to plan the summer. I also wrote the verse we are going to try and memorize. Can you tell that I am trying to reinforce being KIND and FORGIVING? : ) We also created a reading list. My husband is already reading something, I just forgot the name so, it's not on the list.
In an effort to give the kids a little bit of a routine, I made to-do lists for summer. 

There are reminders of things they need to do everyday. Instead of our usual Thursday chore days, I decided to give the kids a chore to complete every weekday. I even made myself a daily to-do list, weekly and monthly. It feels so good to have it laid out for me and to be able to check it off! I LOVE LISTS!
We celebrated the best dad in the world yesterday! I love this pic we took at lunch. Brady did NOT want to take a picture. For us, if two out of three kids are looking at the camera and smiling...well, we call that success.
So, that's how our summer is going so far.

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