Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gallery Wall

I have a post all ready about my kitchen makeover, but first, I wanted to do another quick post.  The Inspired Room is doing a Gallery Wall party so I thought I would share mine!
This is a wall in our family room where we have started a gallery of frames with pictures we have taken on international mission trips we have been on.  There are two pics my husband took when he was in Brazil and Panama.  The other pic is one I took of a beautiful little girl I met in Africa.  We hope to add many more pics as the years go by.

These next pics show the grouping a little better (taken before I painted that old dresser and before we got hardwood flooring put in).

I added a cream plate with "faith" on it in vinyl.

I also made this little sign out of a piece of wood.  The words are from an awesome song by our church worship ministry called, I See the Poor.

I pray this pictures will remind us of our times in these other countries and the mark it made on our lives.

We have another gallery wall on the other side of the room.  Our family rules poster (found here) is in the middle surrounded by family portraits.

P.S. Did you see those GORGEOUS floors???!!! : ) Love them!  Oh, and I promise I will post about the kitchen tomorrow!

We'll take your truth and we'll take your justice to this broken land
take your salvation to every single nation.
We want the world to know, there's no one like You, Lord.
Every nation is Yours.

Get your copy of I See the Poor or shoot, just download the whole album!  You won't  regret it! Go here.


Cailan said...

Thanks for stopping by Vanessa - love your Family Rules poster...perfect.


Just popping over from The Inspired Room. It is great to see your gallery wall. Mine is #10.


Gg - Notes on the Journey

ps. Three cheers for missions trips. My husband and spent 22 years taking students overseas.

Lisa said...

Beautiful arrangements for your gallery walls, but oh, I love the "Every Nation Is Yours" sign. That is such a lovely sentiment and reminder.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

So awesome to see your meaningful gallery wall, I'm sure it will inspire you every time you see it!!

Thanks for sharing it today!!

Tammy Garfoot said...

Whats the color of paint you used on walls? Love the color

Traci Creel said...

I love the look you achieved with your gallery wall and dresser. I am trying to get a similar look in my foyer. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Lubin said...

I love the color paint you used too! What's the name and brand?