Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faces of Africa

Now that we are home, there are so many things going through my heart and mind after visiting West Africa. To be honest, I am still processing all I experienced.

I'd love to tell every detail of our trip. The highs and lows. It seems that it is just so hard to put it all into words. So for now, here are some of the faces I saw in Africa.

I'll also ask you to pray.

Don't only pray for their physical condition, but more importantly- their spiritual condition.

Pray for Mory, Fatima, and Penda. As they say the words over and over of the Jesus story, pray that they will sear their hearts and be drawn to the Father.

Pray for MC who believes. Pray for courage for him to step out and be public with it.

Pray for Herve who is so close to following the "Jesus road."

Pray for Daryl, Glenda, Rick, Jeanne, Matthew and Luke as they live their among the Manenka people and share the love of Christ.

Pray for Fadima, Fanta, Houwa,

Fatimata, Sidici, and Sudu who have heard the gospel.

Pray for Sudafa and his wife Peina who are the only believers in their village.

Pray for the village of Binkaro. They watched the Jesus film for the 3rd time with such intrigue.

Pray for West Africa. The people are so friendly, so hospitable, so loving, but most are without a Savior.


Lisa G said...

Vanessa-I cried as I looked in their eyes-you can see into their souls-despair, pain and emptiness.
praise God for Christ followers like you and the group that went-- The only link to Christ for them!
Thanks for sharing...

Jodie said...

Beautiful faces. I pray with you for each of these names mentioned. God bless you both for GOING!into the world.

Kelly said...

Let's do lunch...and chat