Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Days

About a month ago, the kids wanted to buy a small above ground pool. My husband told them that if they could come up with the money, they could have one.

Well, they put together about $7 in cash between the two of them and then found a bag of change their grandparents had given them. We took the change to cash it in and they ended up having over $30 in change. So they were only about $10 short of what they needed, but I took care of that. They have had so much fun in this little pool!

We've had to drain it and fill it up a couple times because the filter would kick off and then we didn't realize that we had to add chemicals to it to keep the water from getting green. Oops.

The filter died the other day, so we had to trash the pool. Oh well, they definitely got their money's worth!

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Lisa G said...

They are hard to keep up with aren't they Vanessa-I mean the pools -not the kids...sometimes it's just easier to go to "the pool".
Good idea in having them raise the money! Need to keep that in mind next time my children are asking for extras!