Monday, March 29, 2010

Chalkboard labels

I bought these banana leaf baskets a few months ago to try and corral all the papers that come home with the kids everyday from school. They are the perfect size to hold their folders and they keep everything somewhat organized. I usually put every paper the kids bring home in the baskets and then go through them every couple weeks and pick out a few things to keep. The rest is trashed or recycled. As you can see in the pic, it's time to clean them out again! It's a good way to balance keeping a few pieces but not feeling like everything goes from backpack to trash! I've been meaning to make some tags for them, and have finally done it! I decided to make some chalkboard tags and it was super easy!
All I did was cut out the rectangles (I used a Capri Sun box!), paint them with chalkboard paint and attach with a ribbon!

It's amazing how just having them labels makes them look so much better and more organized! Now I must go and and throw some things away!

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mishebe said...

great idea, might have to do that too..

Amanda said...

You have a talent Banessa!