Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Father/Daughter Dance

Kris and Emma went to the Father/Daughter dance at the local rec center last Saturday night. Emma was so excited. She picked out a dress (it had to be one that would twirl, of course!). We also did her hair and just a tiny bit of makeup. She wanted Daddy to wear a suit. Kris said that it was a great night! When they got there, they had their pictures made. Before Emma got out on the dance floor, she wanted to eat cookies. Imagine that! So they spent the first 30 minutes there, eating cookies. They danced and even had a lead-out. She enjoyed her date with Daddy!!


Melissa Walker said...

Very sweet!

Laura Forman said...

That is sooo precious! :) I wonder if they can have a father/daughter dance ove here when Sadie is old enough...might just have to do it in our own house :)

Kristin said...

So, so sweet... What a wonderful memory for her!